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Grade Hacks is the biggest and best study skills program on the web. We’ll teach you how to be a better high school or college student, and you’ll get better grades with less effort. Created by education and technology experts, the program’s 20 intense study skills lessons will teach you the best ways to take notes, learn in class, ace tests, master homework, manage time, apply technology, and much, much more. Grade Hacks lets you take control of your academic future today.

Grade Hacks is completely free. We only require registration to track your progress and issue certificates.

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Schools teach you information – Grade Hacks teaches you how to learn. By applying our easy-to-follow models, you’ll learn more, remember more, and be happier. Most importantly, you’ll perform better.



Focus on what’s really important and get more done in less time. Learn to organize your activities to get better grades while living a full life outside of school. You’ll never have another sleepless night before a big test.

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Discover what really goes into grades and how to use your classes, teachers and assignments to achieve your goals. Grade Hacks teaches you to think more strategically to get better marks.

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A Comprehensive Study Skills Program

Grade Hacks includes everything you need to boost your academic performance and get better grades. Here’s what makes it great:

  • You get the complete course, which includes everything on this page.
  • Sign up now and use it forever. It will help through high school, college and university.
  • You can use it anywhere you go – it works on your computer and your iPad!
  • Take lessons in any order and apply the suggested activities at your own pace.
  • Measure progress with embedded quizzes and online tracking. You also earn a printable certificate when you pass!
  • Show off  and celebrate your progress with achievements and awards.
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