11 Ways to Stop Procrastinating with Schoolwork

Student StudyingImagine where you could be today if everything you put off until tomorrow had actually been done. Procrastination is a dangerous temptation that’s impossible to eliminate – but you can reduce its effect on your academic career.

There’s no secret formula for beating procrastination, but with the right strategy, you can push through and accomplish great things. Try these Grade Hacks tips to reduce procrastination and improve your productivity:

  1. Develop a routine. It’s easier to get through things if you expect them and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Eliminate distractions with a clean, organized and isolated workspace. It helps if you add some variety to where you work; try working out of the library, a coffee shop or even a cafeteria once in a while. A clean workspace also means keeping your computer distraction-free; shut down your email and IM clients, and block sites you don’t actually need to get work done.
  3. Set goals. Keeping the big picture in mind helps you overcome the little steps that slow you down on the way. When you know what you’re working towards and know how the painful tasks get you closer to your goals, it’s easier to get through them.
  4. Stick to your schedule. Use a daily to-do list as well as a calendar; keep your tasks prominent and stick to the deadlines you set.
  5. Work in small, focused blocks of time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Try to take a quick break every half hour and switch to a different task at least every hour so you stay engaged.
  6. Break big projects up into small activities so that that they’re less daunting. With this approach, you can also celebrate the small successes and build on your momentum to get to the finish line.
  7. Turn the things that you really hate into events. For the activities you want to put off the most, plan to go somewhere different to work, tell everyone you can what you’re doing (social media posts and a note on your door are great for putting extra pressure on yourself to follow through) and schedule the time away in your calendar.
  8. Keep your energy up with an active lifestyle and healthy diet. Try drinking cold water regularly as you work, eat natural foods, minimize caffeine and have regular small meals.
  9. Figure out what’s holding you back. If you keep pushing something off, is there an obstacle or reason it’s so hard to push through? Maybe there’s a way to remove the barriers so that you can end the procrastination.
  10. Get other people involved. If you turn something you hate into a group event, it’s harder to postpone it because you’re letting other people down. You might even enjoy it if you’re spending the time with friends.
  11. Plan your hardest days in advance. Try to accomplish as much as possible on those days and then reward yourself with relaxing activities the following day. Stay focused on the reward and just push through the pain knowing the reward will be worth it.