All About Grade Hacks Achievements

Grade Hacks uses a reward system to recognize your progress and help you stay engaged. By completing tasks on the site, you get a little badge and achievement points! Sadly, you can’t do much with achievement points – except show them off to everyone you know and take pride in your results!

Every Grade Hacks member (even free ones!) can earn achievements. At the time of writing, there are 10 of them. You earn them for things like completing lessons, getting perfect quiz scores, exploring the site and more. Here’s a full list of everything you can do to earn achievements:

  • Badge icon "Baseball (236)" provided by The Noun Project under The symbol is published under a Public Domain MarkComplete 10 lessons
  • Get a perfect score on 1 quiz
  • Get a perfect score on 4 quizzes
  • Fail 10 quizzes
  • Sign in to Grade Hacks
  • Sign in to Grade Hacks 30 times
  • Complete all paid lessons
  • Complete all free lessons
  • Get a perfect score on every quiz
  • Share Grade Hacks

Achievements are awarded automatically! When you earn one, it will pop up onscreen briefly. You can check out everything you’ve earned by clicking the Achievements link at the top of the page when you’re signed in.

How many points have you earned? Try to beat your fellow Grade Hacks users!