Grade Hacks Partners with InstaEDU for Online Tutoring

InstaEDUWe’re always looking for ways to improve Grade Hacks and create well-rounded students. We already have a great study skills program, but sometimes you really need personal coaching and one-on-one support. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all of the help you need in one place?

Starting today, all Grade Hacks users will have easy access to personal tutoring—from right inside Grade Hacks! We’re proud to announce a new partnership with InstaEDU, the premiere provider of online tutoring, to offer personal help whenever and wherever you need it. InstaEDU has the best tutors from the U.S. and around the world, and their tutoring platform combines video, audio, text chat, a whiteboard and a document editor to improve learning outcomes. InstaEDU makes it possible to combine the effectiveness of face-to-face tutoring with the convenience and affordability that’s only possible online. A free trial is available and private help from screened tutors starts at only $24 per hour.

Grade Hacks lesson with InstaEDUUsing InstaEDU from within Grade Hacks is easy! We’ve added a new InstaEDU section to the right side of your My Grade Hacks page, and many of the lesson pages now include direct links to InstaEDU. It’s the perfect pair—start with Grade Hacks to master learning fundamentals, then reach out to a live tutor with your specific schoolwork questions.

As always, we love getting your feedback and questions! Let us know how you’re using InstaEDU and what we can do to make Grade Hacks even better.

If you want to start using InstaEDU right away, sign up now!