The Overall Average Calculators


Wondering what your average is at school? For a quick estimate, the Grade Hacks Overall Average Calculators can help. (Check out our downloadable Grade Tracker for something more robust.)

Your first step when using the calculators is figuring out whether you need the “weighted” or “unweighted” version. “Weighted” means that your courses are worth different amounts; maybe English is worth 1 credit and Math is 2 credits, so your mark in Math should count for more when calculating your average. “Unweighted” means that all of your courses are worth the same amount. Whatever the course is, it contributes an equal amount to your average.

To find the calculators, sign into Grade Hacks and go to your My Grade Hacks page. Expand the Calculators section on the right and click on the calculator that’s most appropriate. Simply enter your courses, grades (as percentages from 0-100) and weighting (if applicable) and click Calculate. You’ll instantly get your average.

Unfortunately, we can’t calculate your average based on letter grades because schools handle letter grades differently. Some call an “A” anything between 83% and 89%; others might extend an “A” up to 94%. If you only have letter grades to work with, use the midpoint of your school’s letter grades in the calculator. If your school considers an “A” anything between 83% and 89%, enter 86% (the midpoint) into the calculator.

TIP: You can also use the weighted calculator to figure out your average in a course. Just enter your tests and assignments in the course rows and assign the correct weighting to each one.

We hope this helps with your planning and tracking! As always, feel free to reach out if we can make our calculators more useful to you.