Preparing for the Beta


25,000 words of e-learning content. 25 lessons. 10 downloadable tools. 5 screencasts. 3 calculators. 1 big idea.

That’s the starting point and plan for Grade Hacks, and we’re about 20% of the way there as we head into the beta next week. The beta will be the first time that Grade Hacks makes a public appearance. We hope to use the opportunity to collect important feedback about what we’re doing from a group of  10-20 current students.

If you somehow discovered this page before launch and want to participate in the beta, feel free to give us a shout. We’d love to let you take a peek at what we’re up to and the feedback would be invaluable for us. If you participate actively, we’ll even give you free access to the full product!

Stay tuned for great things.