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Grade Hacks is a completely free online study skills program that teaches high school and college students how to improve academic performance. It teaches critical learning strategies that are often overlooked by schools and teachers, like how to take notes, study, write papers, manage time, apply technology, and much more. Grade Hacks’ 20 online lessons are supplemented by downloadable and online tools, including checklists, calculators and planners. Compiled from evidence-based research and the best practices of leading students and educators, Grade Hacks is an easy-to-use program that engages learners with interactivity, rewards, videos, self-assessment and more.

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All media inquiries can be directed to Ryan Moore at [email protected].

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ryan mooreRyan Moore

Ryan recently completed a Master’s in Learning & Technology with a 4.0 GPA and wants to show younger learners what took him 2 degrees and 15 years in the workforce to figure out.

ken youngKen Young

Ken is an e-learning visionary who has created compelling learning services for companies from Google to startups to financial giants.

Interview Questions & Answers

What is Grade Hacks?

What is Grade Hacks?

“Grade Hacks is a web-based learning program that helps high school, college and university students improve their academic performance. We teach the fundamentals for effective learning that aren’t taught in schools, like how to manage time, study, take notes, write tests, deliver presentations, and much more. Grade Hacks applies the latest performance research and expert advice to deliver evidence-based guidance that will improve student grades. All of the lessons are bundled into an easy-to-use, engaging program.”

– Ken Young

Why did you create Grade Hacks?

“I came up with the Grade Hacks concept while completing a Master’s degree and discovering that school could actually be a lot easier than I’d realized during my high school and undergrad studies. In grad school I learned how to perform effective research and write great papers quickly; combined with what I’d learned from working for a dozen years, much of it at the management level, getting a 4.0 GPA was easy – even while working full-time and with a new baby. It seemed ridiculous that I’d never been taught the techniques that helped me when I was younger. Looking back, I wasted far too much time and effort on trying to do well in school when there was an easier way.

Grade Hacks is the product of reflecting on what students really need to know and turning to the latest research to find out what actually works. There are lots of easy-to-use models, techniques and strategies that improve academic performance, but few people actually teach them. Since schools are more focused on teaching information than on teaching how to learn, we decided to step in and offer a program that could help students achieve success without all of the long hours and stress.”

– Ryan Moore

What do students learn with Grade Hacks?

“At its most basic level, Grade Hacks students discover how to learn. We offer 20 core topics related to improving academic performance, including setting goals, planning strategically, time management, using technology, taking notes, studying, doing homework, writing papers, delivering presentations, writing tests, memory techniques, developing a network, and much more. Students go through each module to learn more about how to improve performance in that area, and when they’re ready, we offer practice opportunities and downloadable tools to make it easier to apply the lessons at school.”

– Ken Young

Who is Grade Hacks for?

“Grade Hacks was created for high school, college and university students. Younger students won’t have the opportunity to apply many of the concepts and graduate students may not get as much value out of the lessons. Students between the ages of 16 and 20 who are already doing reasonably well in school but want to improve are likely to get the most out of using Grade Hacks.”

– Ryan Moore

How much does it cost?

“Grade Hacks is completely free for all users. As strong supporters of open education and removing barriers to learning, we wanted to get this guidance in the hands of every student who might be able to benefit. For us it’s a way to get the word out about Uncanny Owl and help some younger learners along the way.”

– Ken Young

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